Discovering Paris

Sometimes some of the best treasures are in your own backyard. We made the long 15 minute drive to Paris Kentucky one county over. Jennifer has always enjoyed staying at bed and breakfasts, to be honest I have never been one for sharing my vacation with others. For our six year anniversary I wanted to do something special and have a night away. I discovered The Treehouse bed and breakfast in Paris Kentucky.

From the moment you make your reservations with Captain Pat, you know you are in for a great night. His eagerness to ensure that we had a good time did not stop with the amenities he offered, but extended to what all downtown Paris had to offer as well. So if you do decide to stay in the Treehouse do yourself a favor and take a boat ride with Captain Pat and let him tell you all about Paris with five star concierge quality.

We decided on the Thyme restaurant. Historically a Pharmacy from the 1950s now converted in to a very character filled restaurant that features a large pizza oven in the center. I like to think of myself as someone who has tried many different versions on the Kentucky Hot brown all with there own flavor and style. At the Thyme restaurant they ensure you have sufficient supply. As much as we both enjoyed the dish it was too much to finish on our own. It reminded me of the Texas steak houses where you would be challenged to finish a 20oz steak in under 30 minutes.

Now anytime there is a local craft or art we do our best to visit while in town, but when its a local micro brewery we are there! Roosters Micro Brewery on Main street proved to be a great after dinner spot to grab a cold one. Now neither Jen nor I are beer snobs so I won't make any recommendations other than to just ask the good folks a Roosters for the free samples.

Another great little surprise we found downtown was Budville Motors , a great little classic car sales shop. I'm not going to share our photos, because I want you to go over to their site and see everything they have to offer, and if you happen to be in Paris stop in and see them, you'll be glad that you did.

As I said before I have never cared that much for B&Bs, but captain Pat has certainly changed my opinion and I wouldn't mind making this an annual trip away. Jen and I are always challenging each other to try experiences outside of our comfort. I have found this in the six years we have been married, that its not the adventure that is so great but just being together.

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