Finding Your Trail

You ever just let your mind wonder. Its kind of like walking on a treadmill. Your using all this energy and your not really getting anywhere. Now imagine you are walking through the forest along side a creek and instead of letting your mind wonder you're discovering a place you've never been. As a child I appreciated this so much more. I'm just not sure what about hiking lost its luster, but as the weather starts to warm I plan to find that childhood adventure that I once had when discovering a new place.

I want to make sure Jack has more of the good experiences that I had growing up then the bad. I can do this by being there with him while he discovers new parts of nature for the first time. My grandfather would tech us all these amazing things while hiking and climbing our way through the forest. He's gone now, but I remember more of the things he taught me then the times he was not his best.

We live in a house with a pretty much a non-existing backyard. So anytime we can take the dogs out with us its a treat for all of us. I find it very strange to find trail head with no dog signs. So bears can crap in the woods but dogs can't? Something I will never understand.

We had a chance to to visit Raven Run in Lexington Ky, just 20 minutes from home. This is a perfect place if you have little hikers or even new ones. We are lucky to live right in the middle of the Appalachian Mountains and some of the best hiking in the country. We find that spring and fall are the best time for hiking to avoid the heat. If you do hike during the summer, try going earlier in the day before it gets to warm. Always remember to pack lots of water and maybe a snack. The last half mile is always the longest.

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