Meet the Captain

You can choose to believe me or not when I tell you buying the new RV was Jen's idea. There I was minding my own business at the local RV and boat show when Jen turns to me and says "This is the one". Me trying to stay cool and be responsible starts to walk away, until I saw the price. Thats not much more then what we pay now for our RV, I said louder then I had anticipated. That got the salesman's attention. Amongst all our excitement we were able to keep it together. I told the salesmen, we're going to keep looking around we just got here. We searched and searched hoping to find a comparable camper, but the price was just too high or it was just missing the must haves. As the day was coming to the close we made our way back to the first camper that we fell in love with. At this point I think the salesmen thought he had us. Still unsure, we decided to let fate take a hand in our decision making. We have a trade in and I'll need to know what you'll give me for it before we can make a deal, I told the salesmen. Now knowing we had only purchased our little Salem Cruise Light just two years ago and that the numbers were not in our favor for getting pay off. Much to our surprise the salesmen came back with more than what we had owed. We knew then that no other dealer was going to be crazy enough to give us that much for our little starter camper, so we took the deal.

So you may be wandering what makes this camper so special. Once we starting camping in our little RV we started collecting little must haves for our next RV. First and most important has always been designated beds. I grew up camping and the one thing I always remembered was having to get people out of bed to fix breakfast, or stepping over people trying to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Second was a slide out. Although I wasn't crazy about the maintenance that came with adding a slide out, I knew the added floor space would make staying in the RV on rainy days that much better. The third was an outdoor kitchen. Now you may say why that is a must have. We really enjoy cooking outside, but the set up and take down of our makeshift outdoor kitchen really ate in to our time at the campground. Forth was a master bed room with an actual door. You may or may not know that Jen is actually right in the middle of completing her masters. Sometimes she would have to bring her homework with her. This created problems when we were trying to get Jack to sleep, or when she was trying to work while Jack and I were in and out of the RV.

I always get the same reaction when showing the new RV, "Oh I see why you bought this RV". I assure the 50in TV had little to do with the purchase of the RV. I do have to say we all three spent some time in the RV getting everything ready for spring and when we were finished it was kind of nice to kick back and enjoy a movie together in our little home.

So why the name "The Captain". Well it is an Avenger, and it is not really big enough to be the hulk so The Captain it is.

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