Disc Golf

For some of you this may be the first time you've heard of disc golf. Most of you have probably heard of disc golf but may have never played. Let me begin with how I first learned about disc golf. A group of friends would get together in the summer and play ultimate frisbee. Like most activities my friends and I, seemed to get a little carried away. We found a disc shop (yes that is a real thing) and when we walked in an entire wall was lined with these plastic disc that did not look like you would want thrown at you. After further discussion with the shop owner, he explain the game of disc golf. Essentially the rules are fairly similar to regular golf or here by referred to as ball golf. Each course has 18 holes, you start each hole on a tee pad where you will throw your choice of disc at a basket with chains, or the hole. Lest number of throws to get your disc in the basket wins.

Disc golf became a bonding time with friends, and a great way to make new friends. The sport is attracting all different kinds of people. Unlike ball golf that is so expensive, and can be frustrating for beginners, disc golf can be enjoyed by everyone. A beginner can play along side a seasoned player and have just as much fun. For someone like my self who is no longer in the best of shape I can enjoy the game as much as a star athlete.

If you are looking to feed your competitive side, disc golf is a great place for it. The PDGA provides online stats and rankings of players all over the world. Local tournaments are held all the time and most courses have weekly league nights. Unlike most outdoor sports disk golf can be played all year. Some course even have winter tournaments.

So why talk about a game where you throw disc at a metal basket. Well it has to do with where most courses are located. You see unlike ball golf courses that are found mostly in open fields, disc golf courses are made deep in the woods. The best part of the game is the walk through nature. The paths are normally away from civilization and deep in to the woods.

Check out the entire interview with Evan Bennett. Currently #1 amateur player in the world and #1 player in Kentucky.

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