It's All About The Kids

"While we teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about" Angela Schwindt. Yes having a child has completely changed my life! I looked at my wife as Jack was jumping from the coffee table to the couch with a half open sippy cup of milk screaming as loud as he could, and asked, remember life before kids? I often wonder how quiet the house must have been, how it felt to walk bare foot with no worries of stepping on anything sticky. Yes life was simpler, but not near as much fun.

Isn't the best part about having kids is having the chance to revert back to your own childhood. As a 29 year old adult I can't walk through the toy story and pick up a RC car for myself. If I have my son with me and I buy two, I look like the coolest dad ever! Just cause you get older doesn't make slides and jungle gyms less fun. Having kids re-sparks that inner youth.

A lot of parents tend to stay home more when they have kids for fear of how their kids will behave. A two year old will be a two year old no matter where you are. So wouldn't you rather be out having a good time and enjoying life, and new experiences with your kids. If they throw a fit or get tired then just follow the same procedure you would at home. If a kid cries in the woods and no one is around does it even matter. OK just kidding nobody call child services.

Having kids is one of the greatest things that has happen to me. It's hard to remember how life was before kids, because I can't imagine life now with out kids. Behind every great kid is a parent who thinks they are messing it up.

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