Catching Nothing but a Good Time

There are two types of fishermen. The ones that have to catch fish every time they go or they lose their minds. The enjoyment of the trip is solely based on the success. Then there are the ones who just want to be out by the water. I'm sure you can guess where I fall in these two categories. I didn't always fish just for the relaxation of the soothing water as it passed over the smooth stones that laid in the creek bed. The number of fish or lack there of directly corresponded with my level of happiness. I would spend all my money on new rod and reels. If one type of bait wasn't getting the results I desired I'd quickly change it out. Oh and if I ever bird nested my line I would revert back to my two year old self and throw a tantrum right there, because it was always the reels fault.

As I am older now and the frequency of fishing trips have become less and less, I have learned to appreciate the time spent fishing. It is no longer about the fish I catch but about slowing down and enjoying the peace that comes with fishing. With all the distraction gone i can get back to a place with no worries. No matter what you got going on, there is nothing you can do about it while you're out fishing.

Most guys won't admit to it, but fishing with a friend is a bonding experience. It give us guys a chance to talk with out pressure. Your best friends are the guys you can talk to about anything going on. For guys that conversation doesn't always manifest its self so easily. There is something about fishing that lets us guys just talk openly with each other. Maybe we are just fooling ourselves. We're not talking we're fishing. Whatever you have to tell yourself. The friends you fish with will be your closer friends.

It's a teaching moment. Now I learned how to fish from my dad. We would go fishing but all while he was teaching me how to hold the rod, he would also use the time together to talk with me, and teach me life lessons, like patience, and respect. My son is almost three years old now. I can't wait to start fishing with him and building that relationship just like my dad did with me so many years ago.

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