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If you have been following our blog you have heard about Nevile our 1 year old whippet mix. We come from a long line of animal lovers. Jennifer and I both grew up with dogs. Still we did not take the decision to get a dog lightly. We knew having a dog in the house would be difficult somedays, and it meant we had to plan around their needs sometimes. Up until this point in our marriage we had only ever had cats. Cats for the most part can take care of them selfs. Keep food out, change the litter box, and they are good. If we ever got a self cleaning litter box I don't think they would ever care if we were around.

Dogs are companions, they need our attention. So when we finally made the decision to adopt a dog, we had a few characteristics we wanted in our new furry friend. We didn't want him to be furry. We already had three cats so a dog that added to that was just too much. Size was important, we didn't want a big dog, but I didn't want a dog I would trip over. There would be a lot of getting in and out of the truck and camper. We found Neville through a non-profit organization called Kentucky Save. The great thing about this organization is they make sure both the family and pet are a good fit before the adoption is complete. Neville actually came to the house for a home visit with his foster parents. This gave us a chance to really interact with him before we said yes. This works out best for everyone. It keeps the animals from being past around from home to home.

You might think a new dog and a two year old is trouble. Well your not wrong, most of the time it like having two kids. I am a firm believer that it is never to soon to teach your children responsibility. Jack plays with Neville, helps train him, and feeds him. We joke that they are becoming like close brothers. They are definitely developing a bond.

Neville has settled right in to our outdoor life style. He goes just about everywhere with us. While a lot of places are becoming more dog friendly not everyone is onboard. Our local soccer complex actually does not allow dogs. Thats crazy to me, but I understand that no one wants to step in the poo. I know no one wants to pick up the poo, but it's what you have to do to be a responsible dog owner.

We only let Neville off his leash when he is in a controlled environment. As much as we like dogs, not everyone does. So it's important to be respectful of other people. All it takes is one soccer mom complaining and Fido gets banned.

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