I Come by it Honestly

I have always had a bit of a wild spirit. An yearning to explore and be apart of the outdoors as much as I could. My grandfather always had a connection with the forest that I wanted to better understand. Unfortunately I was only 13 when he past away. Even as a child I learned so much from him. It is evident that he passed his passion for the outdoors down to his family.

As I am older now and have a son of my own, I find myself thinking more about my grandfather. At two years old it is already very clear that my son already shares our passion for the great outdoors. It is now my responsibility to guild him as he grows and discovers the wilderness for himself. I have so many wonderful memories that took place deep in to the forest.

There has been so much talk about the next generation, and what they will or will not contribute. If I have learned anything from my family of outdoor lovers, it's that hard work pays off. Even though the mountain my be tall, the view at the top is always worth it. You can be sure I will be passing that same mentality down to my son.

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