Add Saltwater and the Reset

I have never been one for the beach. The sand, the crowds of people, and all the tourist shops. It just was never wilderness to me. So when planning vacations in the past I never thought about Daytona, or the Outer Banks. It was all too much for me.

This past week we stayed in Nags Head North Carolina, in a house right on the beach. The first day we arrived it was 65 degrees. That did not stop me from testing out the water. Within the hour of arriving I was already in my trunks and heading to the water. Without hesitation I ran straight in to the freezing ocean water. Once the first wave hit and my body was fully submerged in the salty water, I felt it, the reset. All the Stress from my job, the trip, and worries of spending a full week with my entire family in one house all were gone. My wife would later say maybe it was just hypothermia. All the things I disliked about the beach were no longer a problem. In the water all the sand was washed away, and there were no t-shirt shops in sight. As I floated there in the water, I was reminded with each wave that crashed over me how small I really was.

That was the perfect way to start my vacation. Everything just washed away. I walked back to our beach house with an entirely new outlook on this week. When I walked in Jen asked if I had fun, I replied "I would be approving time cards right now, instead I jumped in the ocean. Yeah I'm having a good time."

This week wasn't just about escaping reality for awhile. This was our first vacation as a family in 15 years. This was our chance to reconnect as a family. So many times we really don't get to spend quality time with our extended families through out the year other than a few weekend camping trips. Everyone is always so busy with kids and work. Holidays always feels like speed dating, constantly jumping from one person to the next trying to get as much information about that person before you have to run to the next cousin. We had seven days to just relax and really spend time with our family.

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