Leaving Morgan Behind

So before any one starts dialing the number to social services. We do not have a second child named Morgan that we are leaving at home. Morgan is the name we gave our little camper after my wife named my truck Chuck. For those of you I have now completely confused. Chuck is the name of the main character in one of our favorite spy comedies, CHUCK! So if my trucks name is Chuck then the short little guy always tagging along behind him is Morgan.

This week we are hitting the open road to Nags Head North Carolina. As much as we love camping, some times its just easier to pack up the car and go. After all the outdoors are still the outdoors no matter where you are. Check back next week to see all the photos/videos of our trip. We may even be posting our first Vlog from the beach.

If you have not noticed our web address is changing. We originally created the website as a resource just for our family, and had not planned on sharing it with anyone. As Jen and I started to notice more and more people starting to follow us on social media, and wanting to know more about our travels. We decided we needed to make the site more inviting to the outside world. We will never claim to be experts in any subject, nor will we ever settle on one specific genre of topics. Instead this will just be our little place to share our adventures.

Thanks for following along, stop by again to check out what we have planned for this year.

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