Welcome to Camp Granny's

This weekend we are staying at our favorite campground, Jen's grandparents! The RV has made it so much easier to spend lots of time with our out of town family. For so long we would make short trips up to visit for the day and make late night drives back home. Now days we pull up, park next to the barn and relax the entire weekend with family.

Saturday just happened to be Harrison County's annual Wings and Wheels show. This had Jack's name written all over it. If it has a motor and some form of steering mechanism he is all about it. We had a great time checking out all the classic cars and some pretty cool airplanes.

Neville is starting to settle in. This weekend was much more to his liking with warmer weather and plenty of room to run. We gave Neville the chance to show off his speed and boy did he ever. We were told when we adopted Neville that Whippets could run up to 35mph! Thats crazy, if we let Neville lose in our neighborhood he would be breaking the speed limit. He has proven to be a a great camping companion.

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