This is one place where you can connect to any content the family has online.


Sandy host several deffrent sites like her blog Abanded in Pasadina and her face book page that can be found here. FACEBOOK


Jen & Zac

While you will find links to Jen and my social msdia site at the bottum of each page we wanted to share a couple other sites that you may not find anywhere else. Jen and I both have twitter accounts and you can find them here. Jen & Zac . We also both have our own Facebook pages and you can find them here. Zac & Jen .


You can also check out our Fliker page here or on the Family Photos page.


I have just started a blog on this site called Stories From Deer Camp. It is just a collection of stories from some of my outdoor adventures.


I have also started a new IT Managed Services Company. DIB Tech LLC. You can find the link to that page here

Everyone Else

This is a blog that a pastor at my church writes (Dan Jackson) and I'm always checking it out when I can and I think you should too.


My good friend Max Rechel writes this blog that is just a great inspiration to young men and I think it is worth checking out. Random Thoughts